Potential members apply online or over the phone to the MediShare program and pay a one-time $50 application fee. Customer service is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm EST and Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm EST. The ministry has released disclosures concerning an individual’s responsibility for medical bills required https://cryptolisting.org/ for the state. Medi-Share Value is a budget conscious reimbursement program, best for those looking to keep their monthly cost low in the event of a medical emergency. Medi-Share is based on the biblical principle of Christians helping one another. The focus at Medi-Share is never on profit but always on people.

  1. Medi-Share is a non-profit, medical expense sharing program for Christians.
  2. We’re putting $500 a month into a savings account that we’re earning interest on and that we can actually do other things with it if we need to.
  3. You’ll pay an application fee, a membership fee, and an account setup fee.
  4. But they’re not always affordable, especially for families on a tight budget.
  5. If you’re unfamiliar with Medi-Share, here’s a nice video sharing the basics of how their healthcare sharing ministry got started and works today.

My husband is self-employed so regular health insurance isn’t an affordable option for our family. Being with Medi-Share over the years, we have seen the how much does medishare cost per month company grow and cover more things for our family. If we have a concern or question, they are very kind and always pray over you before you hang up.

Medi-Share Coverage

You can apply for Medi-Share and join it anytime during the year. Below is a quick breakdown of what Medi-share will and will not cover. And the difference here again, between at our $10,500 AHP plan and the low AHP plan is only $1,500. So it seems to me, the trend here is pretty much that these two are the same. They have some options in between as well, this $6,000 and $9,000 option as well.

Annual Household Portion (AHP)

Members receive 5% to 30% off the retail price of eyewear with the Superior Vision discount program. Members are eligible for discounts on exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and LASIK at more than 40,000 participating provider locations. MediShare members have 24/7 access to telehealth doctors through MDLIVE. The doctor can review symptoms, provide a diagnosis, and order prescription drugs. Medi-Share is a unique program that aims to reduce the burden of increasing medical costs. Though there are several benefits as well as drawbacks of this program, it is certainly worth giving them consideration.

She shares Biblically-Sound advice on how Christians can manage their money wisely while deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ. Her expertise comes from her personal experiences as a wife of 21 years and a mother to three children. Apryl’s mission is to assist others in growing in their walk with Jesus Christ and living a life that honors Him. Medi-Share is intended for Christians and is a beautiful representation of supporting and loving one another.

Application Fees & Up-Front Costs

There have been a few anecdotal cases of doctors and hospitals refusing to bill Medi-Share, and instead, asking the patient to pay out-of-pocket. In some cases, this may stem from the fact the PHCS network Medi-Share uses is not the universal PHCS provider network. You may be looking at this review during open enrollment but understand you can jump on Medishare anytime during the year. And you don’t need one of the special exemptions to make the move. In the long run, I think we’re still going to come out way ahead for our family with the $12,000 AHP deductible (if we had to change from the $10,500 AHP plan).

Families may take up to 3% off their monthly share amount by qualifying for the health incentive. When you need medical care, you will hand over your Medi-Share card and pay your provider fee; then, the provider will bill Medi-Share the remainder. But for some, it can be an ideal replacement for health insurance, its high premiums, and impersonal service.

MediShare Review Summary

Your Personal Benefits Manager can help you find out whether your favorite or current doctor accepts Medi-Share. Meanwhile, you’re gaining access to a like-minded community with the goal of sharing each other’s burdens. It takes a while to go through the application process so leave yourself plenty of time. Available on iOS and Android, the mobile app gives you access to your membership information anytime, anyplace. To have the right to share, you have to be a believer and live an active Christian lifestyle. My tithe to the Church or individual giving through certain charities is how I take care of that.

This is my review of the Christian healthcare sharing program, updated for the 2023 enrollment. And then occasionally, if we do have a really bad year where we have a lot of medical expenses, we’re going to be negative $3,200. But in our case, every other year we’ve been averaging probably only $3,500/$4,000 a year in medical bills. We’ve come out so much further ahead than having one year where we’re a little bit behind by being on this high deductible plan, where it bites us a little bit. Now, if we switched to the lowest AHP of $3,000 (deductible) and had zero medical bills, we’d be paying about $9,500 for the year ($792/month times 12). And so this is the annual amount that you need to reach before they start paying anything.

However, you’ll be covered for some of these with Medi-Share Complete, the most comprehensive option. There are a few other fees involved to get your account set up. You’ll pay an application fee, a membership fee, and an account setup fee. These fees are one-time costs that are reasonable and are needed to get your plan started.

Medical visits usually entail the prescription of medications, and these can sometimes be very expensive. Fortunately, Medi-Share members are entitled to up to 6 months of FDA-approved prescription drugs per medical visit. Apryl Griffith has been a devoted Christian for over 15 years.

The fee can range from $50-$100 per month and be applied to your AHP. Fees vary based on if you are single or have a family and your location. Here are a few of the medical expenses that are eligible for sharing with Medi-Share.

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