Pit Less Truck Weighbridge Capacity:10 TON Accuracy:2 Kg Plate Size:15Feet x 8Feet Basic Model



Type of Weighbridge Platform Size (Feet) Capacity Division Qty. PRICE / UNIT
Pit/Pit less  Type Of Weigh Bridge 15ft x 8ft  10 TON 2 Kg 1 Nos.


Weighbridge Platform Structure

Structure Detail



*Top Plate:10mm

*Approx Total Weight:2,100Kg

01 No.
Heavy-Duty CUP N BALL Type  Load Cell Make:“SENSOMATIC”100% Indian Make 04 Nos.
Weighing Indicator: High Precision SMT Based with 0.8” GREEN LED Display 01 No.
Junction Box (Summation Box) 01 No.


  • All civil construction work to be done by buyer as per our drawing or RCC / PCC Ground Level.
  • Weighbridge Cabin in buyer Scope. (Minimum Required Size: 7 X 7 Feet or as per requirement).
  • Separate Earthing work to be done as per our requirement.
  • G.I. Strips for Platform & Load Cell Earthing will be done by buyer as per our drawing.
  • UPS with Suitable Battery in buyer scope. (Battery Specification: SMF Battery 12V~65Ah)
  • Hydro / Crane will be provided by buyer at the time of unloading & Installation.
  • 4 – 5 unskilled labors at the time of Weighbridge Platform Installation.
  • 230-volt Single Phase supply with ELCB/ MCB Switch. (5 Amp. /15 Amp. Distribution Switch Board with min. 5 Point).
  • U PVC or Flexible Pipe fitting to be arranged by buyer at your cost.
  • Welding machine and welder to be provided by buyer (for Side Frame Fitting at Site).
  • Lodging, boarding of our engineer will be provided by buyer.
  • Pickup & Drop facility to our Engineer from Nearest Bus / Railway Station / Airport.
  • If required Standard test Weights at the time of Installation & Govt. stamping than it will be provided by buyer.]



  • Weighbridge Loading on to truck / Container.
  • Supply of Weighbridge at Site.
  • Installation & Commissioning of Weighbridge.
  • Operator Training.
  • Free Service in Warranty Period.



  • Maintenance of earth pit within 3 ohms/2V.
  • Use Good Quality Lightning Arrestor.
  • Use Good Quality Battery & UPS.
  • Disconnect Power Supply during Lightning & Heavy Rain.
  • Do not Weld on Weighbridge Platform Structure.
  • Maintain the approach.

*Warranty Note:

  1. 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects, warranty for main mother board only, no warranty for any other parts.
  2. In warranty we are only responsible for main circuit/motherboard only, other parts which is damage due to misuse is not covered in FREE warranty, for any issue we sure provide service but it’s on paid basis.
  3. Weight & Measurement Approval Charges extra as actual if it is required.
  4. The Warranty will be void in case of damage due to misuse, over voltage, fire, water, riot, act of god etc.
  5. Load cell damage in any case is not covered in FREE Warranty; we will try to repair the load cell at our best level.
  6. The Warranty is not given for accessories and fittings like battery, main lead wire, load cell, switch, transformer etc or any other parts; warranty given is for main mother board only.


G.S.T GST@18% Extra as applicable.

(GST & Taxes applicable as per prevailing Govt. rules at the time of billing).

Payment Terms 1.  50% advance along with Purchase Order

2.  50% balance against Performa Invoice before dispatch.

Delivery Period Within 1-2 Weeks from the date of technically & Commercially cleared order along with Advance.
Transportation EXTRA AS ACTUAL & all lifting Tools & Tackles will be provided by you for unloading of Weighbridge,Price FOR at RAJKOT(GJ)
Installation EXTRA AS ACTUAL and All lifting Tools – Tackle, unskilled labors, Lodging, boarding of our engineer at the time of installation & testing of weighbridge it will be provided by CUSTOMER.
Govt. Stampings EXTRA AS ACTUAL – Stamping of this Weighbridge from the Weights & Measure Department

As per Weights & Measure Rules it is compulsory to keep minimum 1 Mt (1000 Kg) Nearby Weighbridge Premises and it will be arranged by buyer at the time of Govt. Stamping.

Warranty 1 Year Warranty For Any Kinds Of Manufacturing Defects.


From the date of Supply & under warrantee period if any part found manufacturing defect it will be repaired / Changed FREE OF COST. Warrantee stands cancelled in case the total weighing machine is serviced or tempered by un-Authorized person.


(Note: During the warranty time any replacement of material only GST Applicable Cost & Courier Charges of Material will be bare by Client)

Sales & Service or AMC We will Provide you 1 Year Free Service from the Date of Invoice (Only Travelling Expense & Lodging, boarding of our engineer will be provided by purchaser) and also undertake regular service maintenance contracts. Spare parts will be supplied and are also available ex-stock.
Force Major The product is subject to the non-occurrence of any event beyond the reasonable Control of the seller including but not limited to strikes, lockouts, fire, riots, Govt. Embargoes orders, non-availability of raw materials / spare parts, power cuts, etc.
Validity As the market has become very volatile the validity of our offer 20 days after which it will subject to our written confirmation.
Jurisdiction All disputes are subject to Rajkot, Gujarat Jurisdiction.



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