TICS Industrial Grade Digital Crane Weighing Scale,100% Indian Make


**100% INDIAN MAKE**
*Model: TICS-Industrial Grade Premium Quality Industrial Crane Scale

**Note:We Give Trolley In 30Ton & 50Ton Capacity Only*

*Available In Following Capacity & Accuracy

**(1)Model:TICS-2T-Max Capacity:2Ton-Accuracy:500g*

**(2)Model:TICS-3T-Max Capacity:3Ton-Accuracy:500g*

**(3)Model:TICS-5T-Max Capacity:5Ton-Accuracy:1Kg*

**(4)Model:TICS-10T-Max Capacity:10Ton-Accuracy:2Kg*

**(5)Model:TICS-15T-Max Capacity:15Ton-Accuracy:5Kg*

**(6)Model:TICS-20T-Max Capacity:20Ton-Accuracy:10Kg*

**(7)Model:TICS-30T-Max Capacity:30Ton-Accuracy:15Kg*

**(8)Model:TICS-50T-Max Capacity:50Ton-Accuracy:20Kg
*Display : 5 digit 45mm(1.8”) or 30mm(1.2”) RED LED *Setting Time:5-8s
*Control Distance:20m
*Battery:6V/4AH Auto Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery
*Tare Range: 100% F.S.
*Overload Warning:110% F.S
*Safe Overload:125% F.S
*Working Temperature:-10 deg C ~F40 deg C
*With IR Remote and Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery *Approx. Weight Of 50Ton Scale:340 KG
*#Our Scope Of Supply:*
(1)TICS Crane Scale-1pc (2)Rechargeable Battery -2pc (3)IR Remote-1pc


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