T-Label-Labeling Solution, Standard Label Size:2”x1.5”(50.8mmx30.1mm)

*#Product: Labeling Solution, Standard Label Size:2”x1.5”(50.8mmx30.1mm)

*#Android Mobile App Name:T-Label

#Standard Label Size:2”x1.5”(50.8mmx30.1mm)

#Add PLU :Enter the product /item name 16 to 18 character Press Add PLU button to add the item to list

#DELETE PLU : Select the item / product to be deleted and press Delete PLU button

#Connect Button : Press this button to select the Printer Bluetooth, once connected it will show Status Connected

#STP Button : This is used to setup the Date Time and Header. In the External printer press Setup Button and switch on the printer the display will show Date & Time Setup on lcd display

#After feeding the header, date time text box, select the Bluetooth printer as previous and press Send Button .On successful completion toy will get Data Saved on LCD display

#Press Mode Button on the printer in working condition the display will show Android PLU select

#Select the item in the list and press send button. On successful the display will show the PLU name

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